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Seachtain na Gaeilge

As part of ‘Seachtain na Gaeilge’, we decided to drámaíochtaí as gaeilge about our favourite fairytales. The children worked very hard learning their lines and they put on great performances for everyone in the school on Wednesday 20th of March.

An Tornapa Mór


Tá sé róláidir

Cabhraigh liom, Cabhraigh liom

Hansel agus Gretel

Tar isteach, tar isteach

Mamaí agus Daidí


An bheirt dheirfiúracha

Ag damhsa sa phálás an rí















For Mother’s Day, we made little baskets in which we could put notes thanking our mum’s for everything they have done for us.






Táimid ag baint an taitneamh as an ngaeilge. Éistigí l’ár cláracha ráidio.

clár ceoil        an aimsir         clár spóirt                an nuacht

clár ceoil                an aimsir          clár spóirt                an nuacht


During our art lesson we were trying to portray feelings with different lines, shapes and colours. Take a look at some of the work from our class:












We have been writing poems using animals as our inspiration. Here are two of them:









The children put on a fantastic performance for the school Nativity this year.



Take a listen to our news programme, the different sections of which we created in groups. They really helped us to focus on our oral language.


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