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Our Magic Carpet Journey with Miss Griffin

Here in the infant classroom we spent five weeks before Christmas on an exciting magic carpet journey. We visited different places and learned a lot along the way. Here are some highlights from our travel journal.

Week 1:We spent this week preparing for our journey. Our tickets arrived in our classroom post box on Monday. We learned lots about éadaí in Gaeilge to help us pack for our journey and we met a new friend – Moncaí Micheál. For science we went on a nature walk around our school. This helped us to see how beautiful our home place is before we started exploring other places. In history we talked about journeys we have been on before. We had great fun remembering all the lovely places we have visited. The ticket inspector wrote to us on Friday to advise that we needed up to date pictures before our magic carpet journey so we quickly got to work on some self portraits. By Friday afternoon we were all set for the journey ahead.

Week 2:On Monday we took our first trip on the magic carpet. We flew through the clouds and landed in a strange place, We used our five senses to explore this new place and quickly figured out we were at Dublin Zoo. We had a fun week in Dublin Zoo, learning all about baby animals and the zookeepers in the zoo. In English we learned how to use prediction to help us with reading comprehension as we read Dear Zoo. We then created our own Dear Zoo book for our library. In Gaeilge we learned about all the different animals in the zoo and saw a funny story – Mamó ag an Zú. For art we experimented with

print making and made beautiful symmetrical butterflies. We even made up our own fun animal dance and danced to the song In The Jungle. We also had a very special visit this week from Annie the Astronaut, Annie told us all about her pet dog Laika, who was the first dog in space.

Week 3:On Monday we jumped back on our magic carpet and waved goodbye to the animals of Dublin Zoo. We flew through the clouds again and landed at a new destination. After looking at some picture clues and listening to some funny sounding music we realised that we were in Scotland. We listened to more bagpipe music and learned to dance the Highland Fling to the music. We had a busy week in Scotland. In English we used our new prediction strategy to help us read the story of Katie in Scotland.

We discovered that our new friend Nessie loves shapes. She sent us a lovely shape picture of herself and we learned all about 2D shapes by playing some fun games. At the end of the week we created a Nessie big Nessie collage out of fabric so we will always remember our new friend. In history we learned all about Finn McCool and the Scottish giant. We used pictures we created and photos from of our drama freeze frames to create our own Finn McCool movie. We worked very hard on our movie and are very proud of the finished product. By the end of the week we still had some questions about Scotland – we were especially concerned about why the Scottish men wear skirts! We had a skype call with Gillian (Miss Griffin’s cousin) in Scotland and she answered all our questions. We finished off the week by sampling some delicious Scottish shortbread.

Week 4:On Monday we had to wave goodbye to Nessie and Scotland and set off on our magic carpet again. We had a musical clue to help us figure out where we stopped. We knew we were in a cold place when we heard that the music was called ‘The Snow is Dancing’. We saw pictures of polar bears and the northern lights and Miss Griffin told us that we had stopped at the Arctic Ocean. We had a lot of fun learning about sneachta in Gaeilge. We learned a lovely poem Sneachta Sneachta about the snow dancing as it falls. Peter the Polar bear told us all about how to keep safe in snowy and icy weather. We were invited to Peter’s cub, Mitten’s 5th birthday party. The theme of the party was 5 so we learned all about the number 5. The seniors made books showing all the ways you can make 5 and the juniors made birthday cards from Mittens with the number 5 and a set of 5 on every card. Peter sent us a lovely pink Christmas tree and an old scroll telling us all about Martin Luther and the story of the first Christmas tree lights. In science we experimented to discover whether objects sink or float. We worked with clay in art and made plaques with our handprints.

Week 5:Soon it was Monday and time once more to board the magic carpet and set off for our final destination. We landed in a very cold place. We heard a story to help us figure out where we were. We quickly realised that the story was about Santa and we were in the North Pole. We had a great week in the North Pole. In history we learned about the toys our parents and grandparents received from Santa, typewriters, meccano sets and rubix cubes. We also had great fun learning about the animals that live in the North Pole. We learned some fun new playground games and we painted our clay from last week. We also found out that Santa Claus is also called Saint Nicholas and we heard all about how he became a Saint. We used our new comprehension strategy to help us read the book Stick Man. On Friday we received a letter from the ticket inspector to tell us that our journey was over. We hopped on our magic carpet one last time and flew back home to Coon in time for Christmas.

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