Activity Summary – Term 1 2016

We’ve been so busy with all our activities that we haven’t updated our page in a while so here’s a summary of just some of our activities since September 2016.


It was all systems go for our hotly contested lunchtime Gaelic Football league. The league culminated in a final between Team Yellow and Team Green. The Green Dream Team won out on the day, well done to them and to all the teams for taking part

dscn0905 dscn0910

During October we also had Maths Trails across all classes as part of Maths Week and to incorporate our Active Flag activities across the Curriculum. There our pictures from our Maths Trails on our home page.


During November we had our “Keepy Uppy” competition which was great fun, so much fun that we forgot to take photos of the action! Here’s a picture of all our our prizewinners who received a voucher for a night off homework!

Keepy uppy prizewinners


During December we have been going noodle – we have had a “go noodle” active break each day in all our classes. This has been especially good if the weather has been too bad to go into the playground.  We are getting much better at dancing and noodling!

We have also incorporated our activities across the curriculum with Maths and SESE trails. Our healthy lunch programme has been a great success! Children have been clocking up points for bringing in (and eating!) their fruit and vegetables. When each class reaches their target points, they are rewarded with 10 minutes extra P.E. time. Children from 3rd and 4th classes have also taken part in the G0 Games activities run by Brian Ryan. Fourteen of our more senior children are taking part in the annual Castlecomer Wellie Race on New Years Day which will raise funds for local charities and also our school.