Active Week 2015

We had lots of different activities during our Active Week. The whole school enjoyed taking part. Each day started with our walking club on the pitch.

Our 3km Rith was good fun. Thank you to the parents who helped out on the day to supervise the route.  Congratulations to our winners Eadaoin, Oisin, Jaselle and Jack and to everyone who took part.

3km Rith winners from Senior and Middle Rooms

3km Rith winners from Senior and Middle Rooms








We also enjoyed a morning orienteering through Jenkinstown Wood. Again, the whole school took part with teams made up of children from all the classes. It was a new activity for many of the children. We were very lucky with the weather so were able to enjoy a picnic lunch as well!  Well done to the winning team of Matthew, Caoimhe, Eva and William.


Winning Orienteering Team








Here are some more pictures from the Orienteering at Jenkinstown

DSCN2098 DSCN2099 DSCN2103 DSCN2105 DSCN2104 DSCN2108 DSCN2110 DSCN2113












Throughout the week the children “took on the teachers” in soccer and hurling penalties…

DSCN2114 DSCN2115 DSCN2116 DSCN2118 DSCN2119 DSCN2123 DSCN2124












Ciara from Green Schools visited us to speak to us about bike safety and to encourage us to get out and cycle. She told us how important it is to always wear a helmet when cycling and to make sure that we are visible to motorists by wearing a hi-viz vest, even during the day.

DSCN2127 DSCN2128 DSCN2130 DSCN2131 DSCN2132 DSCN2134 DSCN2140 DSCN2141 DSCN2137 DSCN2138 DSCN2152 DSCN2155 DSCN2156 DSCN2164 DSCN2166 DSCN2168 DSCN2176 DSCN2177 DSCN2178 DSCN2179 DSCN2186 DSCN2185 DSCN2181





























One of our parents, Sean Kelly, visited us during active week and completed some age appropriate fitness tests with us

DSCN2202 DSCN2203 DSCN2201 DSCN2200 DSCN2197 DSCN2198 DSCN2204 DSCN2208 DSCN2206 DSCN2209 DSCN2210 DSCN2211 DSCN2213 DSCN2212 DSCN2215 DSCN2216 DSCN2220 DSCN2221 DSCN2222


























Also during the week we completed our hurling passport programme and held a freestyle hurling competition. Congratulations to the winners Grainne, Darragh, Cormac, Adam, Keela and Rachel in the middle room and Eadaoin, Kate, Alyson, Jamie, Oisin and Shane in the senior room


Freestyle hurling winners – Middle Room


Freestyle hurling winners – senior room

All in all, a great weeks activities – we are already looking forward to next year!







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