Active School Flag

Dancing January!!

Check out all the new dance moves we’ve been learning throughout the month.

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Continuing our good work into our new school year!!

Having reached our goal of achieving our Active School Flag last year, we will be continuing all our good active work this year. The timetable of activities for throughout the year can still be viewed under the appropriate tab.

Awarded our Flag!!!

We are delighted, after all of our hard work to be awarded our Active School Flag. Here is a picture of our Active committee holding our lovely new flag.

Active Schools Week

Take a look at our photostory which shows all the different activities we took part in during the week!!

active school week

Gardening Club

We set up a gardening club for children interested in this alternative form of activity. They now meet on Thursdays to help keep the garden and flowers around the school.

Gardening Club


Our first (of hopefully many) Active Schools Week was a huge success with all the children and many people in the local community having fun in becoming more active. We want to thank everyone that helped or participated during the week. A photostory recounting events of the week will be posted shortly.

Active Flag Week!!!

A new sub section has been added with a timetable for our upcoming Active Schools Week. We hope everyone will get involved and active at the beginning of each day with our walking club each morning from 9.10-9.30.

April – Running

For the month of April the children and staff are focusing on a mixture of walking, jogging and running. The aim is to reach a self chosen target of mini-marathon, half-marathon or marathon distance by completing laps of the pitch each day at small break.

Our 3k Champs!!!

Congratulations to all the children who completed our recent ‘3k rith’. Every child went home with a certificate showing their individual time. A special congratulations to Adam, Lorcan and Jamie who came 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively. Also a big well done to Eadaoin who was our first girl home.

3k Rith

As part of seachtain na gaeilge, we held a 3k rith on Thursday, March 21st. Despite the weather being dreary and cold the children were full of enthusiasm and couldn’t wait to get out in their hi-vis jackets.

We had a great turnout of parents and friends which ensured that we were safe on the road while having a great time being active around the community.


March – Basketball

For the month of March, we are focusing on our basketball tournament.

Our basketball league is now well under way, for more details, action pictures and pictures of our teams check under basketball on our sports tab. Results and details of semi-finals and finals will also be posted on the basketball tab.





Skipathon Winners!!


Our Skipathon which was held on Friday, March 1st was a great success. All the children thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and were active. A notable improvement was seen in every child. Even though a tough decision had to be made choosing a winner in each group, all children were given a ‘swap homework for activity voucher’ to reward the great effort put in by all.

Skipping Leaders

Meet our skipping leaders who are doing great work promoting activity and helping the younger children with their skipping skills.

The date set for our ‘skipathon’ is now Friday the 1st of March.

February – Skipping

As we begin the month of February, we are continuing to progress towards our active flag. This month we are focusing on skipping and all the different skills and tricks that go with skipping. The children are encouraged to bring in skipping ropes from home, to practice at any time and hopefully by the end of the month we will be able to hold a ‘skipathon’. Pictures and videos of our progress will follow soon!


See us perform the ‘Cha Cha Slide’!

Cha Cha slide  Cha Cha slide

We now have have so many moves to help us boogie on a ‘Saturday Night’!!

Saturday Night

Our first performance – The Macarena!!

dances 092

Below are pictures of us practicing the Macarena  with partners at lunch time.

January – Dance

For the month of January, we will all be moving and wiggling to different dances at small break, beginning our bid in becoming an active school. Each week a video of the children performing the dance will be posted.

This year we are starting the process of trying to obtain our first ‘Active School Flag’. At the moment there are different activities and events for the children to participate in each month. During the year, the whole school community will be invited to get involved and become active and fitter in the process.

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